Flux WF300F

The No-Clean Flux WF300F is water-based and suitable for use everywhere  it is wished to dispense with organic solvents. Due to an increased solid content, it is possible to reduce the volume to be applied so that the water as solvent can also be well evaporated in the preheating of the wave soldering machine.
Flux WF300F

Product Advantages

  • No-Clean - no cleaning necessary
  • Very effective on surfaces with poor solderability
  • Optimised for the reduction of solder beads
  • Non-combustible formulation VOC content < 1%
  • Increased solid content for reduction of the application amount


The flux WF300F has been specially developed for use in a wave soldering system with foam fluxer. Use with and without a nitrogen atmosphere is possible here. Further optimisation for the solder bead reduction has also been performed.

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