Flux WF203

Flux WF203

Product Characteristics


The water-based, halogen-free, low solid content Flux WF203 has been developed for reduction of the emission of easily volatile organic components (VOC). With a suitable setting of the soldering machine for water-based flux, the amount of solids is sufficient to achieve good soldering results.

Product Advantages

  • No-Clean - electrically safe residues
  • Non-combustible formulation
  • Substantially reduced number of solder beads
  • Good wetting and wicking


The Flux WF203 has been developed for industrial electronics manufacturing for soldering by wave soldering machines blanketed with air and nitrogen. Copper and also oxidised copper as well as all common protection layers (HAL, OSP, Ni/Au, chemical Sn and chemical Ag) show good wetting. The Flux WF203 also continues to ensure good filling of through-connections.