Flux WF130

Stannol WF130 is a water-based, halide-free and low-solid flux, developed for the use in industrial electronics manufacturing. It helps to reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) by replacing IPA with water as solvent.
Flux WF130

Product Advantages

  • No-Clean formulation
  • Leaves electrical safe residues - no removal of residues required
  • For all available lead-free alloys / solders
  • Application with spray fluxer
  • Non-flammable formulation - <1% VOC - meets US air quality legislation
  • Ensures a good wetting on surfaces and in through holes


The Flux WF130 has been developed for industrial electronics manufacturing for soldering by wave soldering machines blanketed with air and nitrogen. Copper and also oxidised copper as well as all common protection layers (HAL, Ni/Au, chem. Sn and chem. Ag) show good wetting. The Flux WF130 also continues to ensure good filling of through-connections.

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