Flux HW240

The semi-aqueous halogen-free No-Clean Flux HW240 is based on a mixture of DI water and alcohol. Therefore this low VOC containing formulation follows the increasing environmental requirements of our customers. This semi-aqueous flux can be used for a reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in your manufacturing, if you are limited by existing soldering equipment in the use of fully water based fluxes. The VOC emission can be reduced by up to 50%, compared with an alcohol based flux. And all this, while maintaining all the requirements for soldering: No-Clean properties as well as good wetting on nearly all known metallisation surfaces, known in the electronics manufacturing.
Flux HW240

Product Advantages

  • Perfect activity for most surfaces
  • Good wetting of through holes
  • Nearly no visible residues
  • High electrical safety of the minor amounts of residues
  • High SIR values
  • Due to low amounts of residues, no problems at ICT


The flux HW240 has been developed for application using spray fluxers. Depending on the used soldering equipment, the preheat temperatures and/or times might be increased, to achieve a good evaporation of the solvent mixture before the PCB touches the solder wave. Due to the required higher temperature, the PCB as well as the used activators will receive a perfect preparation prior to soldering.

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