Flux Solder Fluid 41

The  Flux Solder Fluid 41 containing halogens is used in apparatus engineering and for soldering metal products. It is preferably used for soldering brass and nickel where it has proven itself well. Due to its higher activity despite its low solid content, it can also be used for surfaces with poor solderability.
Flux Solder Fluid 41

Product Advantages

  • Soldering of brass and nickel
  • Low amounts of residue
  • Good cleaning required
  • Water-soluble residues


The application of the Flux Solder Fluid 41 is strongly dependent on its area of application.  Brush, drip, dispenser application and immersion are possible here. Soldering can be done using dip soldering, induction soldering and flame brazing as the flux is not combustible. As the flux has a corrosive effect, it is necessary to clean the residues with water. Heating the water increases the cleaning effect.

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