Flux SF1000

Stannol Selectiv Flux 1000 (SF1000) was developed for selective soldering of electronic assemblies. The reduced solid content in combination with especially aligned halide free activators provides excellent wetting on different surfaces (such as OSP, Ni/Au, HAL) with most lead-free solder alloys. This flux can also be used for other soldering methods such as wave or dip soldering.

Flux SF1000

Product Advantages

  • No-Clean
  • Low amounts residues after soldering
  • Resin-free
  • Optimised solid content - fast wetting
  • Wide process window
  • Perfect filling of through holes.


Stannol SF1000 is developed to be used in common spray or micro drop flux systems, which are used in selective soldering equipment. The preheat temperature should be at least 70-120°C measured on the surface of the circuit board, the preheat time should be at least 60-180 seconds. This temperature ensures the evaporation of the solvent and a sufficient activation of the flux. The optimal preheating temperature may need to be determined based on the thermal requirements of used equipment and PCBA. SF1000 shows good wetting at soldering temperatures in the range of 260-320°C.

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