Flux AK-S-1

The low halogen content No-Clean Flux AK-S-1 has been specially developed for cable tinning, tinning on component connections, and soldering on copper or  passivated copper surfaces which have poor solderability. It shows stronger activation than AK-1.
Flux AK-S-1

Product Advantages

  • Good activity
  • Stronger activation than for AK-1
  • Also wets ons surfaces with poor solderability


The flux AK-1 is preferably used in dipping processes for cable tinning. The type of application depends on the use; brush, drip or dispenser application is also possible. If the activation of AK-1 is not sufficient to obtain enough wetting, AK-S-1 as the more active variant can be used. Under certain circumstances, cleaning must be done afterwards.

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