Flux EF350

The halogen-free activated No-Clean Flux EF350 guarantees outstanding wetting capability on different surfaces (e.g. OSP, Ni/Au, HAL, chemical Sn and chemical Ag) both with lead-free and solder alloys containing lead. Special additives have been integrated in the formulation of the flux to meet the requirements for the solder behaviour of the flux and the electrical safety of the circuit board. 
Flux EF350

Product Advantages

  • Universally usable
  • High solid content - fast wetting
  • No-Clean
  • Electrically safe residues
  • Outstanding wetting characteristics


EF350 is a flux with a very large range of applications. It can be used universally very well. EF350 can be used well both for wave soldering as well as for selective soldering. EF350 is well suited for use in spray fluxers; use in foam fluxers is also possible. Due to its very good activity, the EF350 flux can also be used well for selective soldering.

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