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Flux X33-08i PV

The Stannol solder flux X33-08i PV has been especially developed for use in the photovoltaic industry. The flux relies on a complex alcohol-based composition that is free of rosin and halogens and also has a low solids content. Due to its excellent wettability on solar cells, X33-08i PV is an excellent choice for companies in the photovoltaic industry looking for a high-quality and reliable soldering flux.
Flux X33-08i PV

Product Advantages

  • J-STD-004 Class ORL0
  • optimised for use in photovoltaics
  • low residue and non-corrosive
  • suitable for immersion and spray application
  • excellent peel force resistivity
  • excellent wettability on solar cells


Stannol X33-08i PV can be applied by spraying or dipping. It is suitable for both automated spray and stringer applications and can also be used for hand soldering. Stannol X33-08i PV meets the requirements for optical cleanliness. It leaves minor residues in the soldering system.

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