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Flux WF300S

WF300S is part of Stannol's more sustainable greenconnect range. The water-based No-Clean flux is suitable for use wherever organic solvents can be avoided. Due to an increased solids content, it is possible to reduce the volume to be applied so that the water as solvent can be easily evaporated in the preheating of the wave soldering system. WF300S has been specially optimised to reduce solder beads between adjacent connections.
Flux WF300S

Product Advantages

  • 90 percent CO2 savings
  • No-Clean
  • very effective on surfaces with poor solderability
  • optimised for the reduction of solder beads
  • non-flammable formulation, VOC content < 1%
  • increased solid content
  • easy storage and reduced health risks as water based


The flux WF300S has been specially developed for use in wave soldering systems with spray fluxer. Here, application with and without nitrogen atmosphere is possible.

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