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Solder Paste SP2200

SP2200 solder paste is part of our more sustainable greenconnect series. The innovative solder paste was developed for high-volume, lead-free SMD electronics manufacturing and contains a highly active L0 No-Clean flux. With a special formula for excellent wetting, it meets the wetting requirements on surfaces found in any volume production today. The small amount of residues left after reflow is bright, transparent, electrically safe and does not need to be removed.
Solder Paste SP2200

Product Advantages

  • especially developed for use with lead-free alloys
  • very good printing after long printer downtime
  • reflow possible under air or nitrogen
  • high wet bonding strength for use on high speed mounting systems
  • high open time of the printed circuit board


The solder paste SP2200 has been developed for stencil printing. With the TSC405, TSC305 and TSC0307 alloys as solder powder in classes 3 (25-45 µm) and 4 (20-38 µm), the solder paste SP2200 can be used in all common open and closed printing systems.

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