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Flux SF1000 Bio

SF1000 Bio is a flux from Stannol's more sustainable greenconnect product range. The special feature: The use of renewable raw materials results in a better better eco-balance than that of conventional fluxes – while maintaining the same high product quality. According to DIN-EN 16785-2, a 95 percent bio-based content is determined. Stannol soldering flux SF1000 Bio was specially developed for selective soldering of electronic assemblies. The low solids content in combination with specially matched halogen-free activation results in excellent wettability of a wide variety of surfaces (e.g. OSP, Ni/Au, HAL), even with lead-free solder alloys.
Flux SF1000 Bio

Product Advantages

  • J-STD-004C, Class ORL0
  • CO2 savings
  • No-Clean
  • low-residue
  • resin-free
  • optimised solids content
  • fast wetting
  • wide process window


    Stannol SF1000 Bio can be used in spray fluxers. The flux shows good wetting at soldering temperatures in the range of 260 °C to 320 °C.

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