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Flux EF250

The halogen-free activated No-Clean flux EF250 belongs to the successful EasyFlux flux series. Developed with a low level of activators, one objective was to achieve the smallest possible amount of residue in the system and on the assemblies – with the best possible activation at the same time. The small amounts of residue can be easily removed. Due to the activator/solvent mixture used, this flux can also be used for selective soldering.
Flux EF250

Product Advantages

  • No-Clean
  • good filling of through holes
  • nearly no visible residues
  • high electrical safety of the residues
  • very low contamination of soldering equipment
  • resin- and halide-free formulation
  • for wave and selective soldering


The flux EF250 was developed for application only with spray fluxing units. With a narrow control of the spray fluxer, the amount of residues can be optimised. The EF250 can be used on most available soldering equipment, with or without nitrogen. Even if not required, we recommend the use of a full nitrogen purged soldering equipment, as the amount of required flux and therefore the amount of residues can be further reduced. Due to the used activator combination, a good wetting on most surfaces in the electronics industry can be achieved (e.g. OSP, Ni/Au, chem. Sn, HASL).

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