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Flux AK-1 Bio

AK-1 Bio flux is part of Stannol's more sustainable greenconnect range. The solder is the organic variant of the Stannol standard AK-1. The special feature: By using renewable raw materials, a better eco-balance is achieved than with the conventional flux – while maintaining the same high product quality. According to DIN-EN 16785-2, a 95 percent bio-based content is determined. The Stannol soldering flux AK-1 Bio was specially developed for cable tinning, tinning on component connections, soldering on copper or copper-passivated surfaces.
Flux AK-1 Bio

Product Advantages

  • CO2 savings
  • No-Clean
  • low-residue
  • resin-free
  • very well suited for dipping processes
  • J-STD-004 modified, Class ORL0


The flux is preferably applied by dipping. The application method depends on the specific use; brush, drip and dispenser application are also suitable. Dip and wave soldering, induction soldering, soldering with hot plate or soldering iron are applicable.

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