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Assembly Cleaner

Cleaner Flux-Ex 500

The Flux-Ex 500 cleaner has been developed mainly for cleaning printed circuit boards after soldering with common soldering processes. However, it is also suitable for many other applications, such as cleaning solder frames, stencils and screens or electronic components. Boards cleaned with Flux-Ex 500 meet the highest standards of reliability and optimise subsequent application of conformal coatings.

Screen and Stencil Cleaner

Stencil Cleaning Wipes “Citrus”

Stencil cleaning wipes “citrus” are saturated with a specific solvent which ensures a good cleaning effect for a quick efficient removal of all sorts of solder paste and other flux contaminations. The stencil cleaning wipes are particularly suitable for stencils, printed circuit boards and assemblies. The lint-free wipes are delivered with a practical dispenser box and have a light citrus scent.

Solder Tip Cleaner

Tippy Solder Tip Cleaner

Tippy solder tip cleaner (lead-free) quickly cleans and tins slightly contaminated and oxidised soldering tips in one step. It consists of high-quality solder powder with activating additives. To clean, simply brush the soldering tip over the surface of the Tippy. The soldering tip temperature should be at least 220 °C and at most 450 °C. Cleaning and tinning improves the closer the tip temperature is to 450 °C.

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