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Amasan Accessories

Heat-Conducting Paste T12

The Amasan heat-conducting paste T12 is heat-resistant up to 200 °C. The chemically neutral, white silicone paste has good thermal conductivity and serves as a heat-dissipating filler between the contact surfaces of the semiconductors and heat sinks. The temperature range for processing is -30 to +200 °C.

Absorber Solder Paste SK84-HF8

The absorber solder paste SK84-HF8 is a homogeneous mixture of solder powder S-Sn97Cu3 according to DIN EN ISO 9453 and a thixotropic, mildly activated resin-based flux, which was specially developed for soft soldering in solar technology. The solder paste is particularly suitable for soldering the absorber plates (solar collector mats) made of copper strips or copper foils onto the collectors' copper stems.

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