There are many solder wires on the market. The family of TRILENCE solder wires was developed for challenging soldering applications.

That are the specials about the TRILENCE product!

  • reduced spitting
  • good wetting
  • clear residues

The Trilence series consists of three types:

Trilence 2708

  • 2.7 % Flux content
  • 0.8 % Halide content
  • REM1

Trilence 3505

  • 3.5 % Flux content
  • 0.5 % Halide content
  • REL1

Trilence 3500

  • 3,5 % Flux content
  • Halidfree
  • REL0

TRILENCE 2708 is the first product of a complete newly designed series. It’s a halogen-activated rosin flux which is based on a matrix of synthetic resin. The TRILENCE solder wires can be applied just like conventional wires to solder. The maintenance intervals and thus the downtime of soldering machines can be considerably reduced by the very low spatter.

Convince yourself of the quality of TRILENCE the newly developed series and request a free sample of solder wire.

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