The solder composition SN100C was patented by Nihon Superior in 1999. This patent expired on 16.03.2019. The name SN100C is still protected as a trademark.

Stannol GmbH & Co. KG has contributed a lot in recent years to the fact that SN100C is contained in countless electronic products and has been recognized as a standard solder. This reflects also in the inclusion of the alloy in DIN EN ISO 9453.

Stannol and Nihon Superior have now signed a contract, which enables Stannol to continue to serve its customers with the unique SN100C alloy and all SN100C products such as solder wire, solder paste and ingot solder in original marking and composition. And that worldwide!

The agreement was additionally extended by the patent documents EP2218540B1 and US8999519B2. These patents do not protect the composition of the solder, but the composition of the solder joint and the intermetallic phase. A decisive component of the soldered joint is the inclusion of the nickel in the intermetallic layer (IMZ), which significantly increases the reliability of the solder joint.

In another agreement, Nihon Superior and Stannol have entered into a close technology partnership.


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