The Smart Warehouse from Stannol is the optimal solution when it comes to the digitalised storage of soldering agents such as temperature-sensitive solder pastes.

"With the innovative cooling device, Stannol is pursuing a modern Industry 4.0 concept that allows soldering agents to be stored and managed efficiently and professionally," explains Ingo Lomp, Head of Innovation at Stannol.


In addition to temperature monitoring of the stored solder, the device also offers a controlled material supply: According to the "first in-first out" principle, the materials that have already been stored the longest are automatically dispensed first. The cooling unit can also be adapted to different consumables and signals when the stock level falls below the minimum quantity. Access to certain materials can also be restricted via a personalised material output. Optionally, the unit can be equipped with a hand-held scanner and a label printer.

Our experts will be happy to demonstrate the advantages of the Stannol Smart Warehouse on site at our SMTconnect exhibition stand.


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