In our greenconnect flux, the previous main ingredient isopropanol (IPA) is replaced by bio-ethanol. Bio-ethanol consists of renewable raw materials such as straw and can be produced completely without fossil fuels via a fermentation process. This results in a significantly better CO₂ balance. Important for our customers: Extensive tests have proven that a 1:1 exchange of the flux is possible without changing the process parameters.

Flux – EF350 Bio

The halogen-free activated No-Clean flux EF350 Bio guarantees excellent wettability on different surfaces (for example OSP, Ni/Au, HAL, chem. Sn and chem. Ag) with both lead-free and lead-containing solder alloys. By using renewable raw materials, a better eco-balance is achieved while maintaining the same high quality.

Product advantages

  • 70 percent CO2 savings per litre (compared to conventional fluxes)
  • universally applicable
  • high solids content – fast wetting
  • No-Clean
  • electrically safe residues
  • excellent wetting properties

Areas of application

EF350 Bio is a flux with an extremely wide working range and can be used universally. It can be used for wave soldering as well as for selective soldering. EF350 Bio is well suited for use in spray fluxers, use in foam fluxers is also possible.

No requalification necessary

The high quality standard of our own products ensures that all materials can be used in the respective manufacturing process without any time-consuming requalification. This enables our customers to provide transparent information about the solder material used. As proof of the use of our sustainable products, all greenconnect customers receive a personalised, batch-related certificate.