Stannol is developing new products and new methods of production constantly. As a result our product portfolio is expanding and is opening up completely new ways for your applications!

What started more than 5 years ago in 2015 as an idea of Fairlötet e.V., has developed into a product with high customer acceptance: A flux cored solder wire based on secondary tin, manufactured in Germany in a sustainable, fair and CO2 neutral way!


The magic word nowadays.

We hear it over and over again:
Stop the pandemic by keeping distance!

We have invested in a distance control system, which continuously measures the distance to colleagues and triggers an acoustic warning signal when you are closer than 2 meters to each other. In case of an infection, all contact persons can be traced, without personal data storage.

Due to the current situation, we have decided to only offer our training courses as online seminars at the moment.


Our first fully electric company car has been delivered.
Four charging points were installed at the same time.
Our goal is to reduce the average CO2 emission of the STANNOL car fleet by >30% from 145 g/km to below 100 g/km until 2022.


STANNOL is prepared for the current challenge around the corona virus and has taken a lot of measures to protect the health of the employees and to ensure the ability to deliver to our customers.


Soft soldering of aluminium and aluminium alloys is not possible with conventional soldering wires. The newly developed STANNOL ALU1 solder wire solves this challenge with a flux specially optimized for soft soldering aluminium. The ALU1 takes the soldering of aluminium to the next generation.


Stannol in collaboration with the FairLötet initiative presents the first fair solder wire. The idea for a fair tin solder that is produced without exploitation of people and environmental damage originated in the summer of...