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Stannol wins Climate Prize of the Key Region

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© M. Kehren/Schlüsselregion e. V.


We are delighted that the Velbert/Heiligenhaus key region has honoured us with the Climate Prize 2024!

The award honours companies that are particularly committed to climate protection in our region – and we are proud to be one of them.

"We have many manufacturing companies in the key region and that's a good thing, as they provide a high proportion of employees in the manufacturing industry. However, this also means high CO2 emissions. Fortunately, there are already many good examples of companies from our region that are leading the way in terms of climate protection," said Ulrich Hülsbeck, Chairman of Schlüsselregion e. V., praising the companies' commitment during the award ceremony on 18 April at the Velbert Forum.

The jury was particularly impressed by our various measures relating to climate protection and sustainability, such as the switch to fair and recycled tin, the renaturation of a 1,000 square metre concrete-sealed area on our premises and extensive energy efficiency measures in our buildings and in manufacturing.

Our prize money will go to a non-profit organisation in the Mettmann district, which can use it to implement further environmental protection measures.

Many thanks to all our colleagues who made this success possible with their innovative ideas!

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