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Dirk Rüdell new product manager at Stannol


Dirk Rüdell joined the Stannol team as product manager on 1 April 2023. He is not only an experienced product manager, but also a qualified laboratory chemist. His work at Stannol began back in 1996, when he joined us as an application engineer in the chemical field. After setting up his own business twelve years ago, he was now drawn back to Stannol and our teamwork.

Dirk Rüdell's main area of responsibility is our technical customer support. He loves to travel to different places to meet customers in person and understand how they think. His fascination with different people and their needs drives him to find innovative solutions that meet individual requirements.

Dirk Rüdell is an avid runner and uses sport to clear his head and recharge his batteries. His passion is also music – when he talks about the last Iron Maiden concert, he gets carried away.

We are proud to have Dirk Rüdell back in our team. His enthusiasm for teamwork, his expertise and his passion for customer service make him a valuable member of our company. Welcome (back), Dirk!

Contact: +49 176 1166 8826; dirk.ruedell@stannol.de

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