Solderability test system for testing the solderability of components and substrates.

Bad solderability is one of the most frequent causes of errors in a soldering process. Therefore, it is very often necessary to check the solderability of components or also circuit boards. 
Using the MUST System 3 test system, solderability tests can be performed on almost all components and circuit boards. The unique solder ball test even enables reproducible testing of the smallest SMT components. Due to the analytical measurement method, meaningful results are obtained which are clearly superior to the information from simple, optical wetting tests.

Product Characteristics

  • Automatic test procedure and measured value logging
  • Component and test parameters management via integrated database
  • Various component mountings for many different components
  • Solder modules for optimum test conditions
  • Step-repeat function for components with several connections
  • Video option for easy set-up and recording of the wetting processes

Application Areas

Solderability test on:

  • wired components
  • SMD components
  • connector pins
  • circuit boards
  • substrates

Available Versions

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Solderability test system MUST System 3