Ultrasound stencil cleaning unit for cleaning stencils and screens in electronics manufacturing.

Due to the direct action of the ultrasound, an outstanding cleaning result is achieved which is even superior to large cleaning systems. In comparison with other manual cleaning methods, the process is also absolutely non-abrasive and can also be applied for the finest apertures. The GENSONIC can also be used without hesitation for coated stencils. 

Product Characteristics

  • Easy to operate
  • Low-cost and very low secondary costs
  • Fast and reliable cleaning result
  • Non-abrasive; stencils are not damaged
  • Minimal use of solvents / cleaning agents
  • No disposal of solvents / cleaning agents
  • Mobile, can clean stencils in the installed state in the printer without time-consuming dismantling
  • Cleaning station for easy cleaning of the stencils

 Application Areas 

  • Cleaning of stencils and screens
  • Removes solder pastes, flux and adhesive residues 

Available Versions

8xxxReinigungsstation für 19" Schablonen
8xxxReinigungsstation für 21" Schablonen