Customer Satisfaction
Part of the company strategy is to carefully determine and satisfy customer requirements and to integrate all necessary actions in the company to ensure the product quality from the order processing to shipment and customer service in a quality management system.

Objective-oriented Working
Stannol operates on the basis of a strategic business plan which contains the long-term existence and development of the company and its business areas in its objectives. The employees are always informed about the company objectives and actively integrated in their achievement.

Quality Policy
Consistently high quality for products and services guarantees satisfied customers. The company management sees its task to encourage the responsibility and quality consciousness of the employees, always regulating the responsibilities and processes and monitoring the effectiveness of quality assurance measures. The specified quality standards are checked and compliance and differences are documented.

Quality is the shared responsibility of employees, contractors and suppliers.

Efficiency On the one hand, the existence and development of the company is based on efficiency; on the other hand on an acceptable price/performance ratio for our customers. Saving potential is passed on to the customers. Fact is: we make almost everything possible for our customers but not at any price! Company Culture The success of our company is based on the motivation of our employees to develop and implement solutions for customer requirements. A collegial atmosphere is cultivated in and between all levels (which also includes praise and criticism). Any kind of discrimination is not tolerated. The following principle applies: mistakes can be made but must not be repeated. Development of the company culture also includes performance comparison with competitors and cooperative relationships with suppliers, subcontractors, official bodies etc. The Stannol company is an integral part of the history and tradition of the region, particularly the town of Wuppertal. Continuous Improvement The company management has defined the quality policy for all employees. The objective of the quality policy is to continuously recognise and implement improvements. This means constantly optimising the QM system and understanding, checking and fulfilling customer expectations. And thus increasing the acceptance and market shares of the products and services. Compliance with laws and regulations Stannol complies with all laws, ordinances and other regulations of the state authorities and all regulations of the employers' liability insurance associations. New state or employers' liability insurance associations regulations are checked for applicability and implemented.

Therefore, the basic rights of the employees such as the following are also protected:

• equal treatment of and opportunities for women and men,
• prohibition of discrimination and sexual harassment,
• compliance with the occupational health and safety regulations
• correct behaviour of superiors to employees and
• prohibition of child labour.