Stannol looks back on a long tradition in the production of solder: For more than 140 years, we have been combining experience and progress in our products. To this day, Stannol is considered a pioneer of modern soldering technology and is firmly established as a brand on the market. The product range includes solder wire, solder pastes, solder fluxes, solder bars, measuring and testing equipment, conformal coatings and comprehensive accessories.

Our customers worldwide appreciate us because Stannol stands for

  • many years of experience
  • high quality products
  • comprehensive and professional technical advice on site
  • innovative research and development
  • a resource-saving approach to the environment.



Our success story


Wilhelm Paff, a master plumber from Wuppertal, develops a soldering fluid which he produces and sells himself. He thus lays the foundation stone for one of the oldest companies in the soldering agent industry.


Hans Eckstaedt, the son-in-law of the company founder, succeeds him. He successfully expands the company.


The company name "Stannol" is protected as a registered trademark. Stannol is derived from the Latin terms "stannum" (tin) and "oleum" (oil, flux).


Stannol begins to develop high-quality products for electrical engineering and later also for the electronics industry.


Stannol is taken over by the English group Kelsey Industries, which has its own subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, Australia and Malaysia.


Henkel KgaA takes over Kelsey Industries and restructures the company. Some product areas are transferred to Loctite Deutschland GmbH, a Henkel subsidiary.


Karl-Heinz Dörr takes over the company as former Managing Director. Under him, Stannol GmbH & Co. KG is founded.


Stannol takes over the company Circuit Chemical Products in Schrobenhausen as a further location. With the takeover, the production of fluxes and solder paste is transferred to Schrobenhausen and discontinued at the Wuppertal site.


Stannol develops the world's first fairly produced solder wire.


Stannol expands further. The company headquarters is moved from Wuppertal to Velbert to create more space for production and employees.


Stannol is the first solder manufacturer to develop "Fairtin", a series of fairly produced solders and solder wires for industrial production.


Marco Dörr becomes Managing Director and takes over a large part of the responsibilities alongside his father. Stannol takes over Armack GmbH with locations in Norderstedt and Pforzheim. The branch office in the USA is opened.


Stannol opens the site in Wülfrath.


Stannol opens the branch in Shanghai, China.