Measuring instrument for monitoring the surface insulation resistance.

Electronics manufacturers are increasingly interested in the electrical safety and reliability of electronic assemblies and the associated measurement of the surface insulation resistance on these assemblies. With the Auto-SIR, a measurement system is available for the user which can be used for easily performing the measurement of the surface insulation resistance with minimum personnel costs. The PC-supported units  contain all existing test procedures. Your own test procedures can also be created. A high sampling rate of up to 1/min enables monitoring the development of electromigration.


Product characteristics

  • PC-supported
  • Automatic measured value logging with high measuring rate
  • Test procedures according to the common standards already stored
  • Easy creation of in-house test procedures
  • Comprehensive measured value analysis
  • Various test racks for standardised circuit boards 


Application Areas 

  • Verification of the electrical reliability based on the surface insulation resistance
  • Check of the compatibility of the various process chemicals (fluxes,  solder masks, conformal coatings
  • Test on standardised test circuit boards
Article-No.TypeMeasuring channels
xxxxAuto-Sir 6464
xxxxAuto-Sir 128128
xxxxAuto-Sir 256256