Solder Paste SP318 DIspensing

Solder Paste SP318 DIspensing

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Alloy Composition

The solders are characterised by different metal compositions. The alloy composition describes the proportions in which the metals are present in the alloy. As a result, physical basic data of the alloy such as strength, melting point and similar are defined.


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Product Characteristics

Solder Paste SP318 DIspensing


The solder paste SP318 is available in the lead-free alloy TSC (Sn95.5Ag3.8Cu0.7) in cartridges and syringes for manual or automatic dispensing. This solder paste can be processed reliably with various automatic dispensing systems up to needle internal diameter of 0.4 mm. The flux medium is classified as ROL0 according to J-STD-004 and as a result shows very high electrical safety of the residues with a good process window for reflow. The low amounts of residues after the reflow are electrically safe and do not have to be removed.

Product Advantages

  • Special viscosity adjustment for a reproducible dispensing process with high repeat accuracy.
  • Good contour stability suitable for dispensing up to pitch 0.5 mm.
  • Good activation on all surfaces from electronics manufacturing
  • Reflow possible under air or nitrogen
  • Soft, transparent residues for minimum soiling of test adapters in the in-circuit test