17.12 2013

SN100C – now available from Stannol

STANNOL GmbH is now entitled to produce and sell the the well-known SN100C solder worldwide. (without Ireland and UK)


SN100C is a patented solder of NIHON SUPERIOR in Japan and currently used in thousands of wave soldering and selective soldering machines all over the world. "When choosing a solder, apart from opting for standard solders without micro-alloy additives, companies could until recently only buy a product with a high focus on low copper leaching or low tendency of dross formation. These two options were perfectly covered by our FLOWTIN products," explains Karl-Heinz Dörr, Managing Director of Stannol GmbH. "With the inclusion of SN100C in our portfolio, we can now offer solders for a much wider range of applications."The SN100C alloy perfectly combines the two properties of low copper leaching and minimum dross and is thus a welcome addition to the Stannol product range.

Apart from the excellent solder joint quality, SN100C keeps costs down as it does not contain silver.The solder is produced at the Stannol plant in Wuppertal and is thus made in Germany. For customers who wish to change to SN100C, Stannol offers technical support from its experienced application engineers as well as in-process solder bath analyses free of charge.


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